Activities of the Main-Spessart Region

The Spessart

With its 2000 km² area and diverse flora and fauna, the Spessart is one of the most important nature parks in Germany. With countless hiking and forest trails, it offers every hiker and cyclist a huge area to discover.Thanks to a comparatively low level of tourist development, the Spessart is ideal for all those who would like to find peace and quiet away from the crowds.

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Bicycle and e-bike

With its numerous forest paths, as well as the famous Mainradweg, Gemünden and the surrounding area offer a wide range of options for cyclists. Both mountainous trails, as well as low gradient bike paths along the Main, Sinn and Saale leave room for all ages. You can park and load your bikes in our hotel garage.

Hiking and Nordic Walking

The Gemünden district of Langenprozelten is an ideal starting point for hikes. Numerous ruins and castles provide destinations for hikes and excursions. With gentle gradients, the Spessart is suitable for hikers of all ages. Likewise, a wide network of hiking trails and forest parking lots offer you an optimal infrastructure for hiking tours.

Places of interest

The region around Gemünden offers sights of all kinds. From castle and monastery ruins, untouched valleys and meadows, to nationally known bathing lakes, every nature lover will find something for himself. The SOS Children's Village Hohenroth, with its lovingly furnished workshops, is also worth a visit. And last but not least, the idyllic Main promenade of Langenprozelten invites you to evening walks from the hotel.

town of Gemünden

The three-river town of Gemünden lies at the mouth of the Sinn and Saale rivers in the Main. Wherever you are in Gemünden, the water is not far away. Discover the small historic old town of Gemünden - the "Little Venice" - with the ruin Scherenburg. Small shops and cafés offer themselves for a city stroll. The Ronkarzgarten adjacent to the town centre offers a beautiful view over the Main valley.


As a conference, club or family reunion - these group events will enrich your visit with special memories! We will be happy to help you with any questions and give you tips on choosing the perfect setting.


The nature that surrounds our hotel offers wonderful recreational opportunities for young and old. Fun, learning and fresh air can be wonderfully combined with us. Let yourself be inspired by possible tours here:

On the road with the motorcycle

Far away from the German motorways, you will find yourself in the Hotel Imhof in the middle of a paradise for motorcyclists. Winding forest roads, countless vantage points and a magnificent natural landscape offer motorcyclists an offer that is second to none. Depending on capacity, we also offer a garage as a parking facility. Motorcycle-friendly inns in the many small villages in the area round off the total offer for bikers.

On the road by car

If you decide to travel by car, you can expand your excursion destinations in Main-Spessart. Würzburg with its Residence as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wertheim Village for extensive shopping tours or simply a forest parking lot as a starting point for hikes. Parking is available free of charge at the Hotel Imhof.

Anglers and hunters

With three rivers, many lakes, and a nature park famous for its biodiversity, this is also a great holiday or short trip for fishermen and hunters. Fishing along the Main is permitted. A large and active hunting community in and around Langenprozelten maintains the hunting grounds. Over the years, many long-time regulars have established themselves for hunting in the Spessart. 

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